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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Garbage Disposal: $130

I am catching up with the logging on the costs for the "10K kitchen remodel"...

We choose the Insinkerator 444. It is 3/4 HP and sound insulated, all for $130 as a special buy at HD. The online prices are $129 to $179 plus shipping, so HD was a good way to go.
The installation was nothing but simple: A snap-ring, 3 support bolts, mount the thing and twist tight. The only down side, it didn't come with a power cord, so a heavy-duty power-strip got canniblized (yes, it was 12 gage wire).

So far so good, its running like a champ.

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James said...

Garbage disposals are incredibly easy to install, even for the most inexperienced DIY. You'd be surprised at how many people call a plumber or electrician to instal a disposal, when all you really need is about 15 minutes and some basic hand tools.

(Not saying you're inexperienced - far from it actually, especially after reading all the work you've done - you're probably more experienced than some professionals!)