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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Pot Rack

We decided on a black anodized pot rack by Calphalon. It should match the other black items in the kitchen nicely (appilances, sink, desk).We found the rack on Amazon for $100, shipping included. The next best deal we could find was $140, plus shipping. In store prices were $160 to $200. I am amazed as how much cheaper it is. I will definately look at Amazon when buying other small stuff for the kitchen.

The dimensions are 56 long / 20 inches wide. The island is going to be 30 x 90. This will give enough space for pendant lights on each end. The pans should not hang outside the width of the island either - so no banged heads.

A pot rack over an island can create a "partition effect". I have read this, and experienced in in our last house. We are going to hand this one as high as possible to compensate for that.

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