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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Appliances are the single most expensive items in this remodel (granite would be more, but we are doing it ourselves - more to come on that later).

After doing the research (my wife is the expert here), we settled on higher-end Sears Kenmore. We have had Kenmore in the past, and we were happy with the quality.

On a negative note, the service we received at Sears for the appliances was overall pretty poor. Their sales people were not that well informed on thier merchandise. They didn't seem to be interested in getting us what we really wanted, but making a sale.

After going back and forth, we picked the black ones instead of stainless. We currently have white, but the ceramic cooktop we wanted did not look good in white. Also, black added a some class alsong with the cherry cabinets. We did not go with stainless, since it is a chore to keep clean with kids running around (we have four).

One open item we need to work through: we have a white fridge inset into the wall on the othe rside of the kitchen. We will need to see how the budget goes...

Total $3264

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