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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Pewter Grills for the Hutch

I am now starting to work on the kitchen island and the hutch. To give the hutch a farmhouse feel, we are putting grills in the cabinet doors. We got the idea from touring through the PDX Street of Dreams. Here is a picture.

Since most of the hardware in the kitchen is either brushed or antique nickle, we are going with pewter. Here is an image from the Rockler web site:

This stuff is not cheap. A 16" x 42" piece is $90 at Rockler. I did an online search for a similar product, and only found 1 at about 50% more. We are cutting this into 4 pieces, so the cost is reasonable.


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Anonymous said...


Is there glass there also, or is it just grill? I keep thinking about dusting. But your DW is much more conscientious about those things than am I!


TTFWEB said...

Its funny, we had that exact discussion. We are going to add glass to keep the dust down.