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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Maple Flooring

We bought 1300 sq ft of maple flooring from Build Direct

Here is a picture, with our dog added for effect.

It cost about 2.50 per sq ft delivered to our house. Quality is great, the customer service is great - I was fully satisfied. The catch is you need to buy at least 750 sf - no small orders. I did the entire first floor of the house.

The kitchen and dining room combined are 300 sq ft, giving a cost of $750.

If you can buy large lots of materials, I highly recommend Build Direct.(


Robert said...


I'm glad you were happy with your flooring! I work as a marketing coordinator for BuildDirect. How did you find us?

TTFWEB said...

THe flooring is great. I have recommended Build Direct to a number of people. From that a friend of mine bought ceder siding and is also very happy with the product.