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Friday, January 05, 2007

Cabinet Accessories

I installed fluorescent lighting under all the upper cabinets. These are the direct wire GE brand from Home Depot. I decided to go with the more expensive type that have no hum or flicker when turning on.

The undercabinet CD player / radio was $25 at Macy's (normally $50). Not high-end at all (GPX brand), just functional. We can always change this out later - I mounted it to a piece of plywood that then screwed up under the cabinet, and it's plug in (not hardwired)

I mounted these steel racks on the inside of the upper cabinet doors by the stove (new product at HD). These are about 2 1/2 inches deep. Since I made the cabinets 14 inches deep instead of 12, and the backs are glued & screwed on instead of dadoed in, we'll have the same interior space as normal 12" uppers.

  • Door racks - 2 at $18 each
  • 13" lights - 3 at $20 each
  • 19" lights - 1 at $28
  • CD Player - 1 at $25
  • Total: $149

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