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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Installing Granite - Part Four: Dodging Armageddon

In my last post, I detailed how Armageddon might start somewhere in our kitchen in the next day or so. To be brave and hold my ground, I ran to the airport and jumped on a plane to Germany. If the end of the world starts, I have 7000 miles of buffer, and my DW can handle it expertly.

Seriously, I checked the granite before I left yesterday, and it was rock solid, just like the other projects I have used it on. Unfortunately, I have to travel instead if installing the granite edging, and pieces around the sink. Once in, I will use SpectraLock expoxy grout. This stuff is supposed to be stain and water proof, which is a huge advantage in the kitchen. I will detail the process and results.


donutboy said...

Maybe you could get Jack Bauer to come over and protect the compound?

TTFWEB said...

I keep asking myself WWJBD (what would Jack Bauer do)?