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Monday, January 15, 2007

Installing Granite - Part Three: Negative Feedback

I have discovered that in many hobbies or interests, there are people who treat them like religions. This is definately the case for installing tile and granite...

I have received a few emails telling me that there is no way in the world you can install granite directly on to wood using polyurethane glue. If done, this will trigger Armageddon, starting right in my kitchen.

To this, I have the following responses (I think they are balanced, but who knows?)
  • The glue is rated for and designed to bond to stone and wood. I was a mason for a number of years - morter sticks to stone and so does this stuff. Also, I don't think a 25 pound granite piece is going to jump up at night and run away (my kids are a different story)
  • I did some testing for bond strength and it surpassed my expectations. If I am going to try soemthing new, best to do a small, cheap test to make sure it going to work OK. Once proven, push ahead.
  • I installed tile counter top in our closet with it, and that thing is going nowhere. Porcelain tile and slate mosaic - the thing is solid as a rock after over a year.
  • Why try anything new? I would much rather ride my horse to work... I think the spirit of posting on the internet is to share ideas, try new methods, etc.

OK, so much for my rant. To all of you out there developing new ideas - test your thoeries, go for it, and post the results. If the apocalypse does happen to occur at your house, make sure to post pictures - your blog hits will soar.

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Greg said...

Right on! When I put the marble slab on the kitchen island it was only supposed to be temporary until the sink arrived and I could cut the hole. I added a little piece of trim underneath and then painted. That little bit of paint that got sucked up in between the slab and the trim held that thing in place like you would believe. It took me 10 minutes of shoving, prying, and budging to get that slab to move a few weeks later.