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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Cabinet Lumber

I purchased the lumber for the kitchen cabinets from Shuway Building Centers. This will include: cabinet boxes, shelves, and drawers.

I have bought most of the plywood and hardwood lumber I have used over the years from Shurway. If you live in the Portland, Oregon area, I highly recommend them. They specialize in discount materials.

Materials bought:
  • 18 sheets of 1/2 " prefinshed maple plywood at $28 each - cabinet tops, bottoms, sides; drawer sides; shelves
  • 12 sheets of 3/8 prefinshed maple plywood at $22 each - cabinet backs; drawer bottoms
  • 75 board feet of first-grade alder at $4 a bf - cabinet face frames
Total cost $1068

I chose alder instead of cherry for the following reasons.
  • The cherry cabinet doors I have now are stained and have matched it on other projects (Mix Wax Sedona Red) , so I only need to match the grain
  • The cherry was $8 a bf, and really did not look that good
  • The alder is great looking - very nice figure
  • It will get a painted anyway for the hutch and island

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Anonymous said...

You are not alone in this venture! We, too, are using what we think is alder (the wood was in the shop when we bought this house), and I am staining with Sedona Red. It gives a beautiful look. We will be short enough wood to do the island so may use cherry for that - or something else. Still building drawers at this point :)