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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Door and Window Trim

We are going to continue using the door and window trim we came up with for the rest of the main floor of the house.

The trim is made from MDF with PVC rope molding (LP brand), purchased at Lowes. The MDF comes in 4' x 8' sheet for $25 and the rope is $6 for 16 feet. To do a typical 30" wide door, the trim ends up costing about $5, and taking 30 minutes to fabricate and install.

The pictures below are from our bedroom, which we just completed last month. We like the look - its classics without being to large or ornate. The symmetry comes from having the flat area of the top molding, be the same width as the side moldings. We have 8' ceilings in the house, and wanted to keep the right proportions.

The doors are basic 6-panel doors from HD. $60 each, pre-hung.

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