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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Granite Sink

We decided on a black granite sink from Home Depot for $280. Its made by Blanco and sold under the name Pegasus - I think its an HD-only offering.
We are going with a "tan brown" granite counter top. It should pick up the dark tones well.


Kathy said...

I just picked out the same granite and sink! I'll let you know how mine looks. We are doing a hazelnut shaker cabinet and the granitew brings out the redish tone in the cabinets and the sink will (I HOPE) look good with the black tones i the granite.

Anonymous said...

We just installed the Espresso 22x33 sink. It is truely amazing. this sink makes our kitchen. Love this product.

TTFWEB said...

We do as well - after 3 years, it still looks new.