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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Received the cabinet hardware

We ordered the the drawerslides and hinges.

In the past I have ordered off-brand or no-name brand for functional cabinet hardware. These have worked OK, but not really well. For the small additional cost, I went with only high-quality brands, since the kitchen is the hardest working room in the house.

The drawer slides are high-end: Accuride full extension, 100 lb capacity, self closing. A&H Turf ( had the best price I could find. With shipping - there were 130 pounds of them - we spent about $12 a pair. This is way better than the $28 you would pay at a big-box store. Delivery was really quick and the order was accurate.

Total cost was $450. This is a lot for drawer slides, but they are critical to having great cabinets.

The cabinet door hinges alos came from A&H Turf. They are blum brand: hidden, /2 inch overlay, adjustable face-frame hinges. They cost .97 each plus shipping, so we spent about $1.30 per hinge. Total cost was $40. HD or Lowes will cost about $6 per pair, or $3 each.

Based on the pricing, order accuracy, delivery time and the friendly response I got on the phone when I confirmed the order, I will order functional hardware from A&H in the future.

Note: I am not trying to bash HD, Lowes, etc. We will end up buying a lot of things through them, and my experience has been overall positive. That being said, I have found that any hardware bought in larger quantities should be ordered on-line.


Don Stern said...

I have found that hinges that I purchase online from offer the best value and quality! You should check it out.

Great Blog - I read it all the time!

Sam Mitchell said...

Another great place to purchase custom hinges is from Hoffman Hinge - very interesting the things they can come up with!

Love the blog!