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Friday, April 13, 2007

Carved Molding from - $50

I am going to start building the range hood next week. The key pieces of this are the venting unit (previous post) and the decorative molding that will go across the front of the cabinetry. It is a harvest pattern carved in cherry. Here is a photo:

We ordered it from Outwater Architetural Products for $43 plus shipping, which gave a total of just over $50. We looked for a molding of this pattern for quite a while before we found it on Outwater. This company has a vast number of products, and will send you a catalog as thick as a metropolitan phonebook for free. The quality of the piece is really good, and they shipped it in a large box that ensured it would arrive safely.
Fifty bucks for a 3" x 24" molding is definately not cheap. It costs more that the rest of the cabinet materials for the hood combined, but I think it will really make the hood look nice. I am going to frame it in the front, and stain everything to match.


Anonymous said...

That is one of the prettiest sticks I've ever seen! Will you just rely on stain to bring out details in the carving or will you be doing anything subtle to pick out details? I know a guy who does that for fun on little plastic men... When all this is done you might do some sort of cyber tour or some such thing.


TTFWEB said...

Thanks S!

I can't paint those little plastic men with any skill... I am a buy it and glue it on guy.

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