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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Cost of Granite

We are hoping to install about 65 sq ft of granite counter for under $1500.

The tan-brown granite tiles are 26 1/2 by 18 inches and cost $20 a sf from Tile for Less. Total cost for 20 tiles was $1256.

Since the tiles come with 1/4 round-over, polished ends, we only needed to get the sink and island edges ground and polished. Crowley's Tile Edging did the work for $230, which I thought was really reasonable. It was $15 per foot for round edges and $10 for flat. The edging will end up looking like the the image below.

We will use epoxy grout, costing about $25.

Cost roll-up: $1510


Anonymous said...

Are you done with the granite? If so, could you post some pcitures of your finished countertop? I am thinking of installing large granite tile on my kitchen counters as well and was not sure how this tile would look on a corner -- where the 18x26 size is not well suited for a square corner area.


TTFWEB said...

I am not done - I had to travel, and now my DW won't let me touch the kitchen until Dec 26th. I will post pictures in a couple of weeks. said...
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