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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Half way through "vacation" week

Right up front: I am never satisfied with my progress on projects, and I always want to be ahead of where I am at. That being said, things are moving along.

What we accomplished today:

  • Picked up windows. Did not get them installed - it rained hard all day.
  • Tore out all the cabinets, removed applianced and cleaned them.
  • Finished mudding, sanding and texturing the soffits. Not yet dry enough to paint.
  • Completed moving the plumbing supply and drain lines over about 14 inches to the new sink location. The sink drain is 2 inches, and now the distance to the vent is just under 3 feet - well within the critical distance requirement of 5 feet.
  • Traced out all the circuits and opened up the wall to move and add outlets & switches.
The most frustrating part of the day was driving to HD and Lowes to get stuff. The pre-holiday traffic was terrible. Friday will likely be worse! I am staying home...

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