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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Appliances Went In

Today was finally that really productive day I have been looking for. The kitchen is starting to look more and more like the design image (see right sidebar), which is really encouraging.
  • Finished installing the cabinets boxes
  • Put in the plywood base for the granite counter tops
  • Installed the windows, including building a small bump-out to make the sill deeper on the left one.
  • Got the appliance in and working (why don't they provide power cords with ovens and dishwashers?). We are really happy with the black finish.

I have been waiting for the weather to break for about a week, but most there has been rain. I decided that I needed to get the new windows in anyway - I need to go back to work tomorrow. The rain basically stopped as I walked out to get the ladder, and did not start again for about 3 hours!

I hoped to get the sink set, but I ran out of time. I am undermounting it beneith the granite tiles, so I need to get it exactly flush with the plywood base. The rim of the composite sink has some variation in its thickness, so I need to individually shim it in about 14 places. I need to figure out a way that this won't take a week to complete.


donutboy said...

Looks Fantastic! We did the Black appliances as well, and we really love the way to reflect the sunlight and can light while not being too bright and shiny.

The only idea that I would have on getting the sink level would be doing something that I saw on TOH one sunday morning. They used some brackets screwed into the base that had a screw that went upwards towards the rim of the sink. Depending on which one they turned, the sink went in and out of level. Not sure if this would work for your application, but maybe something worth trying to find.

TTFWEB said...


Thanks! That is pretty much what I had come up with last night. A bunch of support screws that I can adjust, then glue the thing in.

Anonymous said...

Did you rout out the sub top to accept the sink? Maybe you could try this or a variation.

Assuming that the top of the sink is actually flat and the differences come in with the thickness of the lip. Take a piece of plywood larger than the sink and attach it to the sink top. I'd bolt it through the drain hole and maybe the faucet holes too. You now should have a way to hold the sink in the same plane as the plywood sub top.

Put wet Bondo in the routed out area and bed the sink in the wet Bondo. Put some weight on it to sqeeze out the excess and maybe even screw the plywood cap to the sub top. Wait for the Bondo to dry and you should have filled all the gaps correctly.