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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Kitchen Windows & Bump Out

The windows were installed a few weeks ago, and I need to catch up on the logging the costs.

Here is the bump out we finally decided on, which still needs to be trimmed out and painted. This adds an additional 2.5" depth, giving 7" for the final sill. This will accommodate the pots for the garden window. I will also add a shelf half way up.

Comparing this option with a pre-fab unit

Pre-fab estimates:

  • Unit cost $800 from HD
  • Window trim $20
  • Total Cost: $820


  • Window cost $156 from HD
  • Window trim $20
  • Framing lumber $30 (it's really cheap right now)
  • Piece of T-1-11 ply $35
  • Final trim $40
  • I already needed to paint, since I added other siding - a quart would be $20
  • Total Cost: $300
The total cost of windows was this one, plus the other west-facing one that was a simple install. It was another $156 plus $20 for trim, giving a grand total of $480.

So which looks better? It's on the back of the house, so its really not that big of a deal. For me, I prefer the bump-out. I think it fits better into the overall style of the house. We are going to add an exterior window box as well, which would not be possible with the pre-fab unit.

Having the cost at $500 less is another factor. In this case the window fit up under an existing roof overhang. If we would have added another one on the west side, I would add another $100 for cost of putting in a little roof and flashing.

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Anonymous said...

How did you flash your bump out? I'm going this to and just have 2x10s extending the old rough opening. It is under an overhang like yours. I'm not sure how to flash it to keep the water out. Any ideas?