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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Break in Holland

I am working in the Neatherlands (Eindhoven) for the next week, so I get a break from the remodel work. I am glad to get a rest from the kitchen, but also anxious to continue the momentum. Once I got the sink in and the water running, I needed to travel.

My DW put plastic down on the plywood countertop base and started using the kitchen. She is really a trooper about the remodel, expertly handling the the dust, dirt and general chaos.

Since I come over here regularly, we have been trying to find antique chocolate molds, waffel irons, etc. to display on the open wall and soffit shelf we are putting in.

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Anonymous said...

In your costs you have the kitchen sink noted twice. Are you using two sinks? It didn't look like you had two sinks. You might want to take the second $390 out, you'll have more money from your 10k budget to spend if you do that. :) Enjoy the Netherlands...