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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Range Hood Module

Since I am building the range hood to match the cabinets, all we need to buy is the fan unit. I selected a Broan Power Module PM250, from (Nutone is a brand of Broan) for $90 + 12 for shipping.

The next best price I could find online was $130, and in-store for about $150.

It is a basic unit with 250 CFM, aluminum filters and a light. I read a TOH article on hoods, and they indicated that 250 should be fine for most applications, and if you get above 350 CFM, you can get other back-draft issues.

You can buy a mounting kit, but I decided to pass on it. The hood cabinet is custom anyway, so cutting the hole in the bottom to fit should not be a problem.

Here is a rendered image of how the hood cabinet will look:


the reluctant remodeler said...

That plan looks great! I wish I had the design chops you do.


Doc Sandy said...

I'm right at the beginning of a kitchen remodel, and I love what you have done with yours. We are also going with a Broan, although one with a higher CFM as it is ductless, and we want it to really pull in the cooking fumes.