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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Green Remodeling

Whenever possible, I try to incorporate Green actions into my remodeling.

Being from Oregon, we don't often associate politics with being environmental (discounting the extremists, etc.), we just think it's a good idea. I hope both political liberals and conservatives will practice "recycle, reuse, reduce". Many actions we can take are the simple or small ones, that ultimately add up.

Green elements of this kitchen remodel:

  • Reusing the cabinets doors - the boxes are terrible, but the doors are in great shape. If we did not reuse them, we would donate them to the Rebuilding Center (see below)
  • Adding 1 inch rigid foam insulation behind all cabinets - increases the R-value by 4.5, and adds one inch depth to the counter tops
  • Replacing the old aluminum windows with energy star (Lo-E) ones
  • We are keeping the soffits - insulating all of these
  • Adding 12 inches of cellulose insulation to the attic, once the lighting is complete
  • All the plywood I have bought is from Shur-way (see resources on the side bar). Beyond having really good prices and being very nice people, the materials are over-runs, slightly damaged, etc. If we buy these kinds of materials, they don't get land-filled.
  • Install Energy Star appliances where we can
  • And the biggest of all - we are recycling (remodeling) an older house

Once the kitchen is done, I have been considering adding solar to the house (it already has a passive design) to start that electric meter running backwards...



Level5inAZ said...

I believe in being Green when it makes sense as well as I don't think it wise to needlessly waste, and besides that... I'm cheap.

You would be harder pressed to do this for $10k if you didn't reuse.

John Stevens said...

Hi, Great article and I think most people forget about the energy conservation side when designing a new kitchen. Hopefully this article will remind people to look very closely at the environmental impact of their design.

John Stevens