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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Decorative Cabinet Hardware

We decided on an "arts and crafts" style hardware that will tie the two different types of cabinets together. The wall cabinets are cherry, while the island and hutch will be a cream color with antique glazing.

My wife is decorating with a french country style, and the rustic hardware fits in nicely.

Cost was $2 for the smaller pulls (doors) and $2.50 for larger pulls (drawers). We need 58 of them to do the entire kitchen. We added 5 of each in case something breaks or is added in the future (this is a lot cheaper and easier than trying to find matching ones 5 years from now). Shipping was only $6 for the whole lot. Total cost was $160.

We bought them through the Sonoma Cabinet Hardware ebay store ( Delivery was quick. We have not mounted them yet, but the quality looks good.

The same ones are available by special order at HD for $5 and $7 respectively, which would be $380.

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