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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Island legs - score!

I was in Rockler to look at their wooden on-lays, I noticed that some 29" country oak table legs were on clearance, and then 50% off the marked price. Instead of paying $25 each, I paid $8. I need 7 legs for the island and hutch design - so I paid $56 instead of $175. I am painting the island and the hutch, so the wood type is not that important, as long as it is hardwood.

I would have rather bought 34.5 inch legs for the island, but with the design I have in mind, I can use the 29" ones. The larger ones are about $50 each (best online price I could find).

I also got two 15 inch cherry legs for $2 each, which I will integrate into the sink cabinet design.

I try to get into the local rocker store ( about once a month. They have non-advertised specials like this, and you have to go in to see what's available.

I did not find the on-lays I wanted...

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