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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Cabinet Install & Kick-plate Drawers

We installed most of the cabinets today, getting about 80% complete. I plan on finshing them off in the morning and getting the base of the counter top in. The soffits lined up pretty much exactly as planned.

Notice under the some of the cabinets there are open spaces - these are for the kick plate drawers.

Here are the base assemblies, made of 2x4. We mounted full extension drawer slides to the interiors.

We want to make these drawers as wide as possible. Where the drawer is wider than a single cabinet, I supported the them with a piece of steel channel underneith. These are glued with polyurathane and screwed in place.


Nick said...

Those are pretty sweet. If I had it to do over I'd like to have done this.

pedalpower said...

Wow you are doing an amazing job. Kickplate drawers...what a wonderful idea!

TTFWEB said...

I saw the idea in a Diamond cabinet book. The space is normally wasted, and adding them in is not really that much extra work.

Terryw said...

Would love to know how to add these to exisiting cabinets!

The Reluctant Tester said...

I've just come across your kick-plate drawers, as thinking of going something similar in my new kitchen.
How are they going a few years into use?
What sort of opening and closing method did you use?
I'm looking at push to open / soft close, so hopefully can make it pop open with my toes.