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Thursday, April 12, 2007

On-line Cost Estimator

I found what I think is a useful tool on - its an online cost estimator. I took our kitchen floor plan and tested it, and it came up with $44,500. The initial cost estimate I came up with was about $50K using a couple of online sources, but they are generic. This tool allows you to specify your remodel with a modest level of detail.

Taking the $44K the estimator calcuated and adding in a full-wall tile backsplash, toe-kick drawers, pull-out shelves, tiole curtains, new windows, etc. - $50K seems pretty close to the mark.
I stumbled on to from the contest banner on another remodeling blog, and I now have it on mine (If I win anything, it goes to Compassion - see sidebar). I have not searched through the entire site yet, but what I have looked at seems to be good quality content.


lee polowczuk said...

I have really been impressed with your remodel.

i did a $7500 remodel last year. The big difference was that i used my existing cabinets and just re-did the doors by adding new shaker trim and hardware.

i had about 1100 in outside labor costs.

at the time i used a number of home depot 20% off coupons which were readily available on ebay. (now there are fakes) so i probably got an 19% discount or so.

we spent good money on a dishwasher and gas range and hood. little money on oven, microwave, and refrig. didn't need a disposal. we also did formica countertops.. when i can afford slab granite, i'll get that...probably 7-10 years from now.. ha-ha-ha.

greenville sc

TTFWEB said...


Thanks for the kind words. We are having a lot of fun doing this one. This is our second full DIY kitchen, and I learned a ton (lots of mistakes) on the first one.


Eli said...

We're glad to see that you are getting your kitchen remodeled for about $10K... that's what our kitchen remodels average.

Our clients were always surprised at the actual cost of remodeling and found it difficult to find the information quickly. So we created a free online calculator so that you can get a really good idea of how much it will cost you. Obviously if you live outside of the Los Angeles area of California, the costs will vary but our prices are very competitive and you should find that the costs are the same or better depending on your area.