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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Better Blogging...

I have been using the new version of Blogger for the past week, and I am pretty happy with the results. My favorite feature is the on-the-fly modification of the blog while I am looking at it. I also like the template flexibility: color, font, size, layout, etc. I ended up spending about 3 hours getting all the custom content on the old version ported over to the new.

Other Blogging Tools I Use

This is a great (and free) tool for tracking your sites visits. As far as I am concerned, if you can bring up a map of the users that visited your site with details, you have captured the "cool factor".

Blogger is definately a tool that is based in text with added photos. This is a good platform for communicating with poeple, but is not really that smooth for publishing a lot of pictures. Photoblog is just the opposite - it has a great interface for loading a lot of photos, but the text is limited to a summary. I have started the practice of loading a series of photos at photoblog, then linking a few to my blogger site.

Screenhunter from

This is a screen capture application, that is really slick. It copies whatever is on your screen to you clipboard and/or a GIF file. I just zoom images to the size I want, then quickly capture them. It is a lot easier than trying resize, crop, etc.

This image took about 3 seconds:

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