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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Installing Granite - Part Five: The Front Edging

I am back in town, and I finished installing the front edge to the granite this weekend. I cut the pieces 1" wide with the tile saw, and put a small bevel on the edges. I used polyurathane glue to attach them, holding them in place with quick-grip clamps for 4 hours until the glue set.

If you do this, you should cut a few extra front pieces, I had 3 break - and I needed 13 total. The problem is that the granite has natural flaws, and cutting them this long and thin can expose some of them. Once glued on, its not an issue - the granite is hard and the wood support is strong.

The joints have not been grouted yet (this coming weekend...). I bought the Lacrete epoxy grout at Lowes, and am hoping the joints will be almost invisible.

Question: Does poly glue hold tile and stone? Here is a picture of the counter-top on the cabinets we installed in our master closet. These mosaic pieces of slate and ceramic tiles were glued in, then grouted. They have been solid as a rock for getting close to 2 years.

[Link to Photos]

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Jess said...

my husband and i are considering doing something similar to this countertop you did in your closet for out kitchen counter, could you email me some more photos of it.