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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Installing Granite - Part One: Cutting

Well, I picked just about the coldest day this year in Portland to be outside running a tile wet-saw. I had to keep the water at a slow trickle to keep the saw from freezing. At least it wasn't raining...

Here is how I cut the granite:
  • I made a cutting board by attaching 1x2 pieces to a piece of OSB. These support the granite and allow for space for the saw blade. I also ran two strips along the bottom as support.

  • For these large pieces, I use a tile circular saw that has a water feed (link to info). I have a wet tile tablesaw, but it would be difficult to keep the tiles from binding

  • Put tape on the tile to see my marks. Tip, when you mark measurements, dont mark a line

  • Mark the tile at 4 inches off of where I want to cut to allow for the saw guide. Mark a "V", its much more accurate to align to

  • Clamp a piece of plywood as a straight-edge. On the marks

  • Cut tile with the saw, going pretty slow. Go real slow at the end of the cut, so you dont break the tile out.

  • Lightly sand the cut edge, using 220 grit, to remove the sharpness. Make sure the sander is at a steep angle, so you don't scratch the polished surface.

[Click here for photo set]

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