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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Kitchen Island Progress - Sanding and Painting

I have discovered that there are three things that produce a good paint job on wood: priming, sanding, and never mess with drying paint (keep the wet edge). The biggest pain is sanding, but it also produces the best results - and my new toy for it is the Ryobi Corner Cat sander I bought at Home Depot for $30. Here is a picture:

Its a simple little one-speed sander that takes hook & loop pads. I allows me to get into most of the edges and tight places.

I found that I was spending more time and energy worrying about how much sanding I needed to do, rather than just doing it - so now I just do it. Normally, if I am painting, I sand 3 times: raw wood, after primer and after first coat. This seems to give the best results.
- Bare wood needs to be smoothed
- The grain raised by the primer needs to be taken down (water based primer)
- A small amount of grain seems to raise again with the first coat that should be taken down

My plug for Ryobi tools: they work well for home-owner use, don't cost a lot, and seem to be very reliable.


Anonymous said...

Great blog/info. How do you normally paint your cabinets/doors--spray, brush, roller?

Will that be the topic of a future post I hope?


Meg said...

I bought the same sander back in Feb. It was a little work horse on the stairs and corners of the floor while sanding our hardwoods for refinish.

Great blog. It is helping us get planning for our kitchen remodel this summer. :)