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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Granite Top on the Island and Hutch

I installed the granite tops on the island and hutch. The poly glue worked so good last time, I did it again.

I scratched one of the large tiles with wet granite residue on the saw. I also ended up being one short, so I had to go get two more. $125 later, the tops were installed. Lesson learned: wipe of the bottom of the saw after each cut.

FYI: The blue tape is to cover the joints and keep them clean until I grout. I will cut and install the front pieces in the next few days

Updating cost:

  • Granite tiles: $1640
  • Total: $10,260


Anonymous said...

You don't say whether you bothered to stay in country after the apparent success of your last foray into the world of epoxy and granite-I assume you were brave enough to stick around this time!

Just to satisfy my morbid curiosity, do you actually own some special rock cutting saw,did you borrow or rent? I'm pretty sure just any old miter saw doesn't do granite.


TTFWEB said...

OK - it took my DW to point out the TGIF-S tag line. I am dense as a rock sometimes. Say high to TGIF-K

I did not run overseas this time - I stood up like man and watched the granite glue dry while standing being my DW.

I have two saws for cutting the granite. A little 4 inch water saw that is like a skill saw - wear rain gear (I am serious) or you will get wet. I also have a table saw for this (I love tools, of course) - feel free to borrow them at will.