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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Installing Cabinet Door Grills

I was able to get the pewter grills cut and installed into the cabinet doors. Since the grill required for four small doors cost almost $100, I bought a good pair of compound wire cutters to do the job (shown in the picture below) - and they worked well.

The grill tends to fall apart at the edges when you cut it, with the smaller pieces flying off in random directions. Adding the masking tape to the perimeter fixed the problem. The small pieces that come out can be easily re-insterted. If I do it again, I will solder the corners.

The sharp edges of the grill make it bascially stay in place, but I used silicone caulk to hold it fast. The paint and batteries held the grill flat. We plan on putting glass behind these.

Here is the back side of the door. If you click on the image, you can see the caulking.

The final picture shows the top of the hutch, which turned out like we were hoping.

Click here for the details on buying the grill.

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