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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Resource #4 - Black & Decker Books

The best reference books I have found for remodeling are published by Black and Decker.

They are very comprehensive and contain a large number of step-by-stop photos. The plumbing and wiring books were particularly helpful. I found most of the ones I needed at the library, but ended up buying them to keep as reference guides.


J said...

I am a huge fan of anything thats black&decker. Matter of fact majority of our tools in the kitchen remodeling services Salem OR are black&decker!

San diego room additions said...

Taunton press has a good line of remodeling books

Design Build Consultants said...

I agree with you - I have always been impressed with the books

Charles Huffman said...

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richard said...

Your kitchen has so much personality, Kim. It must be nice to have the natural light from the window over your sink now. I love the clean lines of the countertops and dining chairs paired with the details of the cabinets.