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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Travertine Backsplash #7 - Done!

We grouted the backsplash today, using a "slate gray" color to contrast the travetine. It shows the joints nicely without giving too much contrast.

We used epoxy grout (same as the granite counter tops). Its expensive - it took 4 "kits" at $20 each for $80 - but it is worth it. Having a fully stain-proof backsplash is a good long-term investment.

I don't really enjoy working with this stuff, since it sets up pretty fast with no way to wet it back down. The kits make a small amount, so it's doable. If you have not grouted before, I would not recommend starting with this. But if you do have experience, give it a shot. I would not do a kitchen area with anything else. Also, clean-up is pretty easy.

Here are some additional pictures...

We will seal all of this tomorrow and call it done. Was it worth all the effort? Yes.

The epoxy grout we used is Spectralock by Lactrite.


Joe said...

Dang! That looks good. I can't believe you cut all those brick tiles yourself. Good work on a 1 of a kind kitchen!

Anonymous said...

I just read through your blog. It's amazing all the ideas you've given me for my own kitchen remodel. I love the backsplash. Getting larger tiles and cutting those is a really good idea. I just might use it myself!

The Muehli's said...

Wow! The backsplash looks great. Amazing work. We might give our own backsplash a try one of these days after seeing all your inspiration :)

Them Country Folk: said...

Wow, wow, and WOW. Your blacksplash looks phenomenal. I love it.