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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Using a Story-Stick on Cabinet Doors

When I need to do any sort of repetative work at all, I avoid using a ruler and instead use a story-stick. In this case, I needed to attach ten appliques to doors. This really helps me avoid making mistakes in measuring.

The first thing I do is cut a stick to the length of the object I am measuring against (here it's the cabinet door). Once I located the center of stick, I added marks for the top and bottom location of the applique. I also have marks on the back of the stick for side-to-side centering.

Why use this instead of a ruler?

  • No chance of getting wrong number on the ruler (unfortunately that's happened a lot)
  • I don't have to mark the door
  • I dont have to find the center of the applique
  • A ruler rolls up, the stick just stays there

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I am curious how you made the green doors. I am making kitchen and bath cabinets for our addition and haven't decided yet how to make the doors. I like the look of yours.