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Monday, November 12, 2007

Review #6 - TV in the Kitchen

I wanted to rate the TV in the kitchen as a "must do", but my DW and daughter insisted I rate it "nice to have" but not required. This was an addition to the kitchen late in the remodel project.

Here is a picture of with all the final cabinet work done.

  • It's nice to have the TV available when my DW is cooking in the kitchen (she loves cooking and football).
  • We only have one other TV in the house, and this is a good location for the second one.
  • It's great to be able to sit at the bar or kitchen table while watching TV.

  • Maybe we now watch a little bit to much TV...

The installation of the TV was straightforward. Probably the toughest part was running the cable around the house - and there was nothing difficult beyond moving the extension ladder a lot.

The key to a simple install was the panel. Pre-mounting the TV bracket and pre-wiring it for power and cable, made it all go in easily.

One thing I think you must have is a good vent hood. Ours is 250 CFM, and it pulls everything out before it gets up to the TV. Also, the TV sits just a bit back from the hood mantle, so any rising smoke or steam goes past it.


Muskego Jeff said...

I still love the idea and have been looking at a couple of options on where to do the same when I get that far in my remodel.

Chicago Kitchen Remodeling said...

Wow, very good idea. I have to try it!