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Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Kitchen is 99.9% Done

We did the final touch-up on the cabinet trim: filling, sanding, touch-up staining & re-sealing My DW unpacked her display china and put it up on the soffit shelf. Here are a couple of pictures...

Its a bit of extra work to "ease" all the mitered corners, but I really like the effect. I makes the cabinets look like they have been in place for a long time. Also, if any corners do get hit, the chance of damage is lower.

A note on the soffit: We are happy that we left it in, and modified it to match the new layout. In our last kitchen, we had the standard cabinets and displayed stuff on top of them. I think the area was too deep, so it collected a lot of dust, and didn't really show anything off. Adding the shelf created the country look we wanted.

...The only things left to do are installing the kick-plate drawers and cutting boards this weekend. There is still some trim work to be done on walls - crown and shoe moldings - but I am waiting to do it with the dining and living rooms after we paint (it never ends!)

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