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Saturday, August 04, 2007


I am down to the final details of the kitchen. I spent most of the day milling, sanding and staining cherry moldings.

I also bought the 4x6 beam to mount in the kitchen (details a couple of post ago). I got it cleaned up with an portable planer, sanded and stained. As a side note, I am really impressed with Ryobi tools - good price, reliable under DIY use, and they sell pretty much everything you need.

Remaining things to do:
  • Trim out the edges of the cabinets (need to make the trim)
  • Give all the cabinets touch-up staining and a final coat of sealers - my DW does a better job at this than I do.
  • Finish the kick-plate drawers
  • Complete some hardware, hang a few doors and drawer fronts
  • Brocade the ceiling where patched
  • Hang the beam
  • Put of crown molding
  • Put shoe molding (maple to match the floor) around everything

Once this is done (hopefully all in August), I start on the remodel of my daughters bedroom - adding a walk-in closet. I will track this on my full-house blog: Greengate Ranch Remodel

Greengate Ranch Remodel Blog

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Muskego Jeff said...

Amen on Ryobi tools. I've got most of the 18v cordless tools they make and haven't had a problem yet. For home use, they're hard to beat for the price.